Psychosomatic Therapy – Face Reading

“Thank you so much for the most insightful, revealing, masterful session with you – such a lot to go on!
And thank you for making these pictures available to me – quite the eye-opener, and so very powerfully revealing as I said. I wish you tremendous gratification and success doing this work – it’s so needed. I’ll be sending more of my family to you for this. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! From heart to yours – thank you! Much love.” – Onessa

Spiritual Celebration Circle

“I just love the ambience you create and the guidance you give. Though each one is different, I feel complete, expanded and nurtured. Your talented ways brings blessings from above that come just at the right time giving me understanding and clarity.

Thank you Sue for your direct link to Spirit that you share so well.” William Carter

Spiritual Celebration Circle

“Having recently retired, I joined Sue Shaw’s Spiritual Celebration Circle with the idea that it would take an academic look from the sidelines of spirituality. It was a subject I had not had time to explore before. Let me tell you this sideline glimpse is definitely not the experience I had!  Sue is a wise, vibrant, caring, sharing facilitator whose spiritual core is pure. She is able to bring this, together with her experience and knowledge, into the group of participants and assist them to reach their own spirituality and also allow them to share with others in their search for further spirituality. My exploration into spirituality via the Spiritual Celebration Circle has given to me intensity, or to put it another way, the ability to truly feel the emotions. I was able to laugh with sheer joy, cry for release, share with true caring and much more. It was a gift that you give yourself and I don’t think it would ever have been possible without the wonderful abilities of Sue and her desire to share with others.

PS. Don’t be afraid of the crying as I realise now that my tears were a cry for a lost part of me.”
Di Cameron

Spiritual Celebration Circle

“Dear Sue, thank you for listening to your inner wisdom to hold these wonderful Spiritual Celebration Circles. The location is stunning and inspiring, which enhanced the experience. You enabled us all to feel connected, supported and safe to be our authentic selves a very nurturing experience. The energy of love and oneness was amazing. Thank you. Very much looking forward to the next one”. – Rosalind Sansbury, Nurturing Humanity

Angel Intuitive Readings

“Sue Shaw is an honest, kind and compassionate individual. Sue has the natural ability to tune into your higher self and pass on important messages and healing. Sue has an ability to heal like no other. Her clear channelling from the angelic realm is beautiful and comforting. The healing Space that Sue has created at Shara Sanctuary and Retreat is magical, safe and welcoming. The sanctuary starts to cleanse your aura as soon as you walk through the door. The energy created by Sue and her team of angels is relaxing and healing. I totally recommend to anyone seeking change in their life, healing, or guidance, to receive a reading or healing from Sue Shaw. It’s an experience divinely needed.” – Sarah Mugford

Reiki Healing with the Angels

“I recently lost my brother to cancer. It was so fast that we didn’t even have a chance to talk – only to kiss him and touch him…..what loss he is to me and my mum. Grieving is a complex issue and I found that meditation helps greatly, however the one on one session with Sue was something else. I was able to pour my fears out to someone who was supportive, understanding, loving and without judgment. Her Angel reading provided me with hope for the future with bright light and opportunity to really explain how I feel now. The session was followed by Reiki, which was my first experience of such treatment, and it seemed that my physical body just opened up to healing and calm that put me at ease and provided me with assurance that all will be OK.

This does not mean my grieving process is complete, however I believe I have moved it to enable me to interact with others again and I am remembering all the positives about our lives together and feel that he is with me everywhere I go.

I highly recommend a session with Sue to anyone, whatever issue or challenge they may be facing. Thank you Sue, you are a true Angel”. Vera Holt

Reiki Healing with the Angels

“Thank you so much for such an amazing session and time together yesterday. I really left feeling like the old me. So many insights, healing, love, encouragement, understanding ….I could keep going. Know it has helped my enormously on so many levels. My hubby saw a big change when I got home. I was hungry (not happening very much before), then needed to meditate – very long and more work done on my colon etc. Then amazingly tired, and then it came good. Feel like I am flushing out last night and today. I owe you a deep gratitude and sooo grateful you are in my life Sue. Know you are a very powerful lightworker making a huge difference where-ever and however you touch. Bless you dear angel. Infinite love and gratitude.” – Jackie


A Spiritual Connection Weekend Retreat

“Dear Sue, I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration, dedication and love you have put into working with me to bring “A Spiritual Connection Weekend Workshop/Retreat into being. December’s event was an incredible success, bringing love, learning, healing and joy for all those attending. Your tireless work that you performed with much love, was apparent to all who attended. You enabled me to run the Workshop itself from a place of peace and reassurance that everything else was in hand, running smoothly and infused with great joy. Very much looking forward to working with you far into the future. Infinite Love and gratitude!” – Rosalind Sansbury, Nurturing Humanity

Enlighten Adelaide Festival

“Sue Shaw is a brilliant, organised and professional event planner. Having worked with Sue for a number of years on the Enlighten Adelaide Festival, I can safely say that her professionalism and experience are second to none. Sue is focussed and gets the job done! She is always open to suggestions and listens to her clients’ needs with a friendly ear. Sue’s ‘can do’ attitude is inspirational. Her passion for the Enlighten Adelaide Festival is reflected in the happy stallholders and attendees. I would definitely recommend Sue Shaw to anyone needing and event planner.” – Sarah Mugford, Mugford Media

Business Essentials Course

“Thanks so much again for such an amazing course. Today I finally sent off my Manuscript for my book to get published, I have been procrastinating with it for at least 4 months but today I felt confident and no blockages. Also I would like to thank you for the guided meditation that you did, for 2 weeks I have had anxiety and stress due to work issues and I couldn’t get rid of the feeling, it was very intense. When you started the course with a meditation, afterwards the feelings and tension within had gone which was amazing as I could not get rid of feeling this way for at least 2 weeks. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant Sue I am so honoured to have met and worked with you.” – Tania Chumbley, Psychic, Tarot Reader/Past Life Regressionist